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Persönliche Daten


Institution and Location Degree Year(s) Field of Study
University: Philips Universität Marburg Dr. phil. 1978 social theory
University: Freie Universität Berlin Habilitation 1987 historical sociology

 Employment History

1971-1978 Scholarship Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes
1979-1987 Assistant Professor Freie Universität Berlin
1985-1986 Senior Research Fellow City University New York
1988-1989 Humboldt Fellow at Lancaster University/Great Britain
1990-1993 Oberassistent Freie Universität Berlin
1994- Ordinarius für Soziologie/Chair at Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg

 Academic Responsibilities and Scholarships

1997-1999 Dean of the Faculty
1997-1999 Member of the Senate of the University
1998 Deputy spokesman SFB 541 (“Identities and Alterity”)
1999-2004 Professor at Collège d'Europe Brugge
2002-2006 Dean of the Faculty
2005- Guest Professorship Nehru-University Delhi
2004-2005 Scholarship Kompetenzzentrum Baden-Württemberg (Archäologie/Soziologie)

Vice Rector for Research

2002-2013 Chairman of the Global Studies Programme
2013- Member of the SFB 1015 (“Otiose Leisure. Concepts, Spaces, Figures”)

Scientific Activities / Editor

  • Associated Editor of:
    “Theory, Culture and Society”
    Mike Featherstone (ed.)
    London: Sage Publications
  • Member of the editorial board of:
    "Neue Gesellschaft/Frankfurter Hefte"
    Bonn: Verlag J.H.W. Dietz Nachfolger GmbH
  • Member of the Board of:
    “Institut für Kulturpolitik" in Bonn
    Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft e.V. (ed.)
  • Member of the Scientific Board of the sociological Journal:
    “Soziale Welt”