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Security Dispositifs - Internationale Konferenz

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Dr. Serhat Karakayali
Dr. Sven Opitz
Prof. Stefan Kaufmann
Prof. Ulrich Bröckling


10.05. - 11.05.2012




Security is as much about things as it is about words. In generating effects of (in)security, rhetorics of threat and danger always intersect with machines, bodies and media ecologies. This workshop seeks to explore the multifarious materialities of security from an interdisciplinary angle: How does the government of global circulations depend on territorial strategies?
How are border regimes linked to systems of data processing? What kind of affective intensities and atmospheres are involved in the apprehension of risky or even catastrophic futures? And how do rationalities of control inscribe themselves into different surveillance technologies and identification devices? Bringing together scholars from Geography, Sociology, Literature, Criminology, Anthropology and Media Studies, this workshop intends to address these questions. Investigating the mutual implication of spaces, technologies and temporalities, it seeks to illuminate the heterogeneous assemblages of contemporary security dispositifs.