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Lehrveranstaltungen im SoSe 2024


Global and Regional Transformations - Theories, Trends, Interdependencies

Lecture, Tuesday 2-4 pm

Social transformations reflect interdependent processes that take place in various world regions simultaneously. Due to their focus on national societies, sociologists have hitherto underestimated these interdependencies. This has led scholars to develop new approaches able to analyze global, transnational and transregional entanglements.
In its first part, this course will offer a comparative overview of these new perspectives highlighting their analytical promises and deficits. The second part is dedicated to studying global development tendencies in order to illustrate interdependencies between different regions.


Global Social Change: Approaches and Case Studies

Seminar, Wednesday 2-4 pm

In the works of the discipline's classics as well as those of many contemporary sociologists, the issue of social change is often equated with development and, more recently, globalization, both of which imply the notion of a linear trajectory of social change for every society. Situating the idea of development in the context of the European colonial project, the seminar introduces theoretical perspectives and methodological tools that connect social change, development policies, global inequalities and social movements to an understanding of globalization's gradual and uneven growth throughout social evolution. Historical and comparative social science is employed in order to examine the development of institutions of global governance, the rise and fall of hegemonic states, transnational social movements, gender and global inequalities, and global environmental challenges. The final part of the seminar uses a series of case studies to analyze the development/globalization dilemmas and paradoxes that counter the idea of global social change as a linear process.