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Bröckling, das unternehmerische Selbst – englische Ausgabe

Die englische Übersetzung des Buches "Das unernehmerische Selbst" von Ulrich Bröckling ist soeben bei SAGE erschienen.



The Entrepreneurial Self

Fabricating a New Type of Subject
Ulrich Bröckling

December 2015 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd


"This is a book about who we are today, and how we have become who we are. It is about the engineers of
the modern soul, the entrepreneurial self. It is essential reading for all those who care about the incessant
demands placed on us to become more than we are, to become entrepreneurs of our selves, to maximise
and optimise our capacities in ways that align personal identity and political responsibility."
- Professor Peter Miller, London School of Economics & Political Science

Ulrich Bröckling claims that the imperative to act like an entrepreneur has turned ubiquitous. In Western
society there is a drive to orient your thinking and behaviour on the objective of market success which
dictates the private and professional spheres. Life is now ruled by competition for power, money, fitness,
and youth. The self is driven to constantly improve, change and adapt to a society only capable of
producing winners and losers.

The Entrepreneurial Self explores the series of juxtapositions within the self, created by this call for
entrepreneurship. Whereas it can expose unknown potential, it also leads to over-challenging. It may
strengthen self-confidence but it also exacerbates the feeling of powerlessness. It may set free creativity
but it also generates unbounded anger. Competition is driven by the promise that only the capable will
reap success, but no amount of effort can remove the risk of failure. The individual has no choice but to
balance out the contradiction between the hope of rising and the fear of decline.


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